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Phoenix Crew 1

Over three hot summer days, I spent time both in the field and at base camp with the twenty-person wildland fire crew Phoenix 1. As the only post-release fire crew in the nation, it was a pleasure to tell their story.

24 Luxury Escapes Worth the Money

Over several weeks I scoured the internet, talked to experts, and delved into my own travels to create a list of vacations that could be bucket list trips for most readers. Some are once in a lifetime while others are quite affordable.

The Best Backpacks for Men: 11 Bags For Work, Travel, and Tech

Testing each of these packs was a bit of a chore, but in the end, I think I was able to put together an excellent selection that filled most niches for men.

Eye of the Storm

Mountain Guide Eli Helmuth is in the process of helping create a unique climbing culture on the island of Puerto Rico. For this story I talked with Helmuth and locals to find the beta on this new hot spot for climbing.

The Godfather of Legal Cannabis Talks about what’s on the Horizon

I caught up with one of the legends in the cannabis industry on the deck of a small hotel in Mexico to talk about the industry and where he sees it heading.

The Utah Traverse

When four friends emerged from a historic motorcycle traverse of the Utah wilderness they emerged battered and bruised, this is their story.  

North Cascades: Bastion of the Wild

Being able to take a deep dive into the Northern Cascades, a place I have hiked, fished, camped, and climbed in was a dream assignment. I searched for, and found, glimpses of what makes this wild land so revered.

On Thin Ice: An Epic Final Quest Into The Melting Arctic

I co-authored this award-winning book telling the story of Polar Explorer Eric Larsen’s 2014 trip to the North Pole, the last one ever from land.  

How Explorer Mike Horn Found His Way After Losing His Wife

Explorer Mike Horn was only a few months into his historic circumnavigation of the world when I interviewed him for this story about the greatest obstacle he has ever had to overcome. The death of his wife.

Exploring Madeira

My wife and I spent five days digging deep into the skin of the Portuguese island of Madeira sitting off the North African coast to discover all it has to offer, we needed a month.  

3 Trail-Tested Binoculars for Hikers

Over two weeks I spent several hours each day hiking the trails in Boulder, CO to field test a bevy of binoculars for hikers.

A French Artist’s ‘Abode of Chaos’ Project Is inspired by 21st Century Upheaval

While living in Lyon, France, I was able to spend the day with the reclusive artist and tech entrepreneur Thierry Ehrmann touring the grounds of his living art exhibit La Demure du Chaos. The apocalyptic villa he lives in is both his masterwork and a source of contention for his neighbors.

Best Hikes Fairbanks: Simple Strolls, Day Hikes, and Longer

Over several years I hiked and explored the region around Fairbanks to create the first-ever comprehensive hiking book for the region.

Scalded, Sanded, and Smeared

While exploring the city of Moulay Idriss Zerhoun high in the Atlas Mountains I decided to visit a traditional Moroccan bathhouse. This story tells of my experience and why travel is so important these days.

The Guide Line

The numerous outdoor guides I spoke to for this piece all had one thing in common. The Covid-19 lockdowns and subsequent halting of travel is hurting them and their industry. 

Take a Brewery Tour Through RiNo

The RiNo neighborhood of Denver, not long ago an industrial area, is now one of the cities hottest spots. For this story I crisscrossed it and created several self-guided brewey tours for visitors and locals alike.

Laws Whiskey House Does It Again

As part of my long-running column Booze News, for Elevation Outdoors, I was able to spend some time with Al Laws the founder of Laws Whiskey House in Denver. This story was a review of their just-released 6-year Bottled in Bond Four Grain Bourbon.

Straight Talk: Kyle Maynard

I talked to Maynard, a person born with partially formed arms and legs, not long after he returned from climbing Aconcagua, the highest mountain in South America.

A Change of Heart

After living in Europe for two years I had an epiphany about electric bicycles, they might just be the thing we need in America. In this story I detail my conversion and why E-bikes make so much sense.

Healing Power of Nature

I interviewed Espy Award-winning climber Kirstie Ennis and cyclist Billy Lister III for this story about the healing properties of nature. Each of them has had to overcome life-threatening injuries and credit the outdoors with their recovery.

Summit Fever

In this story for Encompass I talked with several experts about what is needed to climb in Colorado’s high country, where to head, and how to prepare for such a trip.



On Thin Ice

When renowned explorer Eric Larsen skied out onto the Arctic ice cap in March 2014, he knew that the odds were against himself and fellow adventurer Ryan Waters. They were embarking upon one of the hardest endeavors on the planet, a self-supported human powered journey to the North Pole over five-hundred miles away. A trip that was increasingly becoming impossible to accomplish due to the rapidly deteriorating conditions of the ice he must traverse due to global warming.

Over the next sixty-three days Larsen is forced to confront the impulses that have led him to the spot that he is in, and why he continues to take risks attempting expeditions that could lead to his death. Part memoir, part meditation, part commentary on the environmental changes occurring worldwide. The book takes readers along with him as he continually battles the elements, deteriorating conditions, and his own frailties on what ultimately became the last successful over ice trip to the North Pole.

Best Hikes Fairbanks

The state of Alaska is known for its abundance of natural beauty. Nowhere is that splendor more evident than in the city of Fairbanks. As the second-most populous city in the state it sits less than two hundred miles from the Arctic Circle. That makes it the perfect basecamp for hikers. During the summer the temperatures are mild, and the days are long.

The guide book will present a wide variety of hiking trail options both inside the city and in the surrounding landscape that encircles it. Interspersed with the detailed trail descriptions will be a variety of information needed to ensure safety on the trails, overall enjoyment, and suggestions of things to do in the city.

Coming Spring 2022.

Deep Travel

The art of travel is one of nuance. Being able to slow down and immerse in the region you are visiting is a skill unto itself. In this travel anthology the founders of the Deep Travel Workshops, immersive creative travel experiences, asked past participants to submit stories from their experiences for this anthology.

Hudson’s story details an experience from the holy city of Moulay Idriss Zerhoun high in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. There he was able to step back and examine why he was driven to explore the planet and the joy that he finds in travel.

Fodor’s Travel Colorado

Long known as a leader in travel guide books, Fodor’s is committed to providing its readers with the latest information on destinations. For the 2016 edition, they revamped the section covering the city of Boulder and surrounding areas. Employing a local writer, Hudson Lindenberger, they were able to get the insider information that only locals know.

The section covers the latest information in this brewing hotspot, the best restaurants to visit, the ideal spots for outdoor recreation, and several itineraries for visitors.

The guidebook presents a wide variety of hiking trail options both inside the city and in the surrounding landscape that encircles it. Interspersed with the detailed trail descriptions will be a variety of information needed to ensure safety on the trails, overall enjoyment, and suggestions of things to do in the city.