Hudson Lindenberger – Writer, Editor, & Traveler

About Hudson

Whether it’s big or small, if you have a passion at all, just say, someday I will.

– Jimmy Buffett


Live the story

Sometimes it’s the first steps that are the hardest. When I crawled into a ramshackle 1968 International Harvester Scout, with holes in the floorboard and a wheezing motor, to head north to Alaska from my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, I embarked on a pathway that would lead me to a life as a full-time writer.

Fueled by the stories of John McPhee, Tim Cahill, James Michener, and hometown hero Hunter S Thompson, I had grown up with dreams of seeing the world outside my small slice of the planet. For the next five years I lived in tents and bunkhouses, working in the fishing industry and on the cleanup crew of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

It was during a six-month journey through Mexico and Central America with nothing more than a small pack on my back, a tattered copy of The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda, and a few Jerry Garcia Band tapes that I decided to head back to college and finish the degree that had been on hold.

Upon graduating from the University of Louisville I loaded up my young family and headed west, settling in a small cabin in the mountains outside Boulder, Colorado. For the next twenty years I worked long hours managing restaurants and working in the rapidly growing Colorado beer scene.

Endless hours were spent hiking, biking, and climbing throughout the Centennial State for the next few decades as I helped raise two beautiful daughters. It took a divorce and a second marriage to set the next chapter of my life in motion. Leaving behind the corporate world I embarked upon a career telling the stories that surrounded me. My goal is to work with my editors to create a clear and concise story that grabs readers and is delivered on deadline.

In the last decade, I have crisscrossed America and Europe finding new storylines and viewpoints. A two-year sojourn in Lyon, France led to the sale of a house and a life dedicated to chasing my heart. On top of being published in Men’s Journal, Backpacker, Forbes, InsideHook, Filson Journal, and numerous other national and regional publications, I have also co-authored two books, written one of my own, have been featured in several anthologies, and contributed to Fodor’s Colorado Travel Guide. Plus, my podcast BoozeNewz is live on the NextStar Network. Soon, my wife and I will be launching our own travel website to tall the tales of our digital nomad life.