The Best Supplies for Painting With Kids, According to an Artist

Kids don’t need much motivation to paint. And you don’t need that many art supplies to let them do so. What you do, need, however, are the correct supplies. There’s a sea of watercolors and paintbrushes and paper out there and, in an Amazon Prime-ordering world, there’s a good chance of selecting items that won’t lead to the best experience. That’s why we reached out to Lika Gitis, a professional artist and the owner of Sunflower Art Studios, a children’s art studio in Boulder, Colorado. Gitis spends her days teaching kids how to put paint to canvas and paper and was quick to tell us what should and shouldn’t be in a young painter’s artistic arsenal — all while keeping things affordable. Here, with Gitis’ advice, are the children’s painting supplies to have around your home.

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