The Best Subscription Boxes For Men Under $50

In our Amazon Prime’d world, it’s easy to get anything delivered right to us. Need more wipes? More binkies? One-hundred Lego heads with goatees? Fill your cart and click the button. But sometimes it’s still nice to receive a box that you don’t have to fill yourself, one that just shows up and contains a little bit of mystery. That’s the promise of the very popular subscription box trend: choose a box that fits your interests (food, comics) or needs (underwear, grooming supplies) pay a flat rate, and every month something new arrives at your doorstep. The problem, of course, is there are more subscription boxes than there are soon-to-be parents who want to name their kids “Harper” or “Paige”.  So, to help you make the best choice, we whittled down the list to our favorites within a reasonable price range. Here, then, are our seven favorite subscription boxes for men under $50

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