The Best Fleece Jackets For Men Who Like To Zip Up

There are certain pieces of clothing that become known as Dad Wear. Some of these are functional, but wholly uncool (the three-quarter zip sweater, for instance. Or gusseted jeans). Others, however, are still kinda uncool but so useful we don’t care. Like the fleece jacket. The zip up layer is one of the most functional pieces of clothing in our closet, a warm, stain-shedding, comfortable layer that’s as useful worn around the yard as it is on a hike or, in the right circumstance, layered beneath a blazer. The best modern fleece jackets offer performance, style, warmth, and a fit that’s far more tailored than the boxy, cinch-waisted versions of yore. In short, they’re Dad Wear in the best way. Here are seven to check out.

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