Something good from War

Learn about the men who made Colorado skiing great

The 10th Mountain Division was an integral player in the rapid development of the Colorado ski industry during the second half of the 20th century. Some would argue it was the most important part. The veterans of the famous division were involved in the founding of Vail (Pete Seibert), Breckenridge (Bill Rounds) and Aspen (Friedl Pfeifer), as well as other related projects like Skiing Magazine (Dick Wilson), and the National Outdoor Leadership School (Paul Petzoldt). The fact that there is a whole system of backcountry huts dedicated to the 10th and statues memorializing them in many resorts is a testament to their indomitable spirit. What most Coloradans don’t know is the more intimate story of the soldiers’ lives — luckily, that is now changing.

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