Old Hollywood Shopping & Dining at The Original Farmers Market


Most native Los Angelino’s know about The Original Farmers Market. The local institution has continually operated on the corner of Fairfax Avenue and West Third Street for 80 years, gradually morphing from a relaxed collection of vendor stalls in the middle of a dirt field to the gleaming showcase of Hollywood’s finest. With an impressive array of offerings the market could make the powers that be at Whole Foods jealous. The bazaar-like collection of specialty grocers, gift shops, clothing boutiques and restaurants feels more like a European marketplace than a Californian farmers market. Surrounded by the numerous offerings it’s hard to imagine that 100 years ago this was a booming oil field – my how the times have changed. White clapboard stalls, a dizzying array of colors and a plethora of scents make this oasis in the heart of the teeming city a must visit.

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