How to Throw a Dinosaur Birthday Party Doesn’t Suck

The release of yet another Jurassic Park movie this summer means that there will be more dinosaur toys, an uptick in interest in Dinosaur Train, an increase in attendance to natural history museums (we can only hope), and many more dinosaur birthday parties. Which means your kid might be asking you soon for a dino-themed shindig. Awesome. But where to start? First of all, try to steer clear of the movie that your kids probably can’t watch anyway and give your party a more general paleontological lens. “I wouldn’t suggest going the Jurassic Park pathway,” says party planner Patricia Zutman, the owner of All Four Seasons Events. “Lots of parents will be doing that, plus it can feel generic.” Instead, dust off your kids’ best dinosaur books and get geeky with it. Here’s where to start.

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