A French Artist’s ‘Abode of Chaos’ Project Is Inspired by 21st-Century Upheaval

THE BUCOLIC COUNTRYSIDE SURROUNDING THE small hamlet of Saint Romain au Mont D’Or seems like the last place one would find one of the most provocative art exhibits in all of France. Nestled in the hills just outside of Lyon and surrounded by centuries-old houses built of the local golden stone, it seems better suited to a Monet landscape than a dark perspective on the state of contemporary global politics.

So, when you come around the corner and see a blackened broken wall covered in painted faces, statements, and slogans, it causes you to stop dead in your tracks. That is just what the man behind La Demeure du Chaos (The Abode of Chaos), Thierry Ehrmann, wants to happen. “My art is designed to make people think, to make them wonder about their choices, and what is in their future,” says Ehrmann.

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